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"Being able to both give and receive so much, truly blessed my life. I would hands down, recommend this program to anyone who is interested." - Brittany, GO ED. Africa, Spring 2008
Why Go ED.?

Transforming the next generation to own and end poverty

We developed Go ED. because we believe that in order to end the spiritual and physical hunger plaguing the world, we must first begin by transforming ourselves. Go ED. is a unique program created by Food for the Hungry - a Christian relief and developmental organization active in over 26 countries around the world - aimed at bringing about fundamental change within individuals and communities.

Personal change begets societal change, and it is our hope that once focused and directed, this change will become a powerful force in the fight to end world poverty. The process of change, which we refer to as "transformational development", is one that shapes individuals at both the physical and spiritual levels.

As a semester study abroad program, Go ED. embeds college and university students in select regions and countries to learn, study and experience life from an indigenous perspective. We operate in some of the most poverty-stricken regions of the world, firm in our belief that light, beauty and hope continue to thrive in these hard places, and that they offer profound lessons to those who are willing to learn.

Why Go ED.?

1. Inspired by our God's love and compassion, we seek to end poverty, and we believe that can only be accomplished by a generation of thinkers and doers who are both intellectually and spiritually engaged
2. We believe that in order to effect transformation, one must first be in transformation
3. We believe that Go ED. is an ideal vehicle for bringing about this change within individuals
4. We are committed to mentor our students for 10 years following their Go ED. experience, to channel their efforts into meaningful development action

If you share our vision and passion, we encourage you to explore these pages further.


What do others say?

Here are some accounts from our Alumni:

"There are so many stories I could tell about good times and bad times, for it wasn't always easy and the program wasn't flawless, but the important part is that if you are willing, the Go Ed. program will change your life and you'll never regret going." - David, Go ED. Africa, Spring 2007

"Anyone who attends the program won't be able to walk away as the same person they were when they started. Students not only gain the book knowledge that a typical college semester would require, but are able to put a beautiful African face to the material as well." - Bree, Go ED. Africa, Spring 2007

"Because of Go Ed. I am now living in Kampala, working with an organization that I met within weeks of arriving in Kampala after our orientation... I love living in Kampala and it was with Food for the Hungry that I first became acquainted to this beautiful place. I found the Go Ed. program as a wonderful program that taught me so much and recommend it to anyone!" - Abby, Go ED. Africa, Spring 2007

"The practicum, the projects, and the daily living will only be as good as one wants them to be. If you just hang out with your fellow students, it's going to be lame. If you hang out with your fellow students and with the Ugandans, it's going to shake you to the core." - Justin, Go ED. Africa, Spring 2008

"This semester was not always fun, not always easy, and never what I expected it to be. BUT it changed my life forever and I would do it again in a heartbeat. All over the world life is just life, some good some bad, and I'm just thankful that I got to experience a few months of it in the Go ED. program." - Student, Go ED. Africa, Fall 2006

"I really do feel like I see things and the world a little differently now, and I am excited to see how I have changed and how I will adapt to live back at home. In America we can get so wrapped up in ourselves and so focused and busy, but there is a whole different world out there and so much time and need to just step back, relax, reach out and bond with people, and just take life one breath at a time. I really felt I was able to connect with the FH staff, get to know and understand the unique culture and people, and develop a better appreciation for the awesome work that FH does. Being able to both give and receive so much, truly blessed my life. I would hands down, recommend this program to anyone who is interested." - Brittany, Go ED. Africa, Spring 2008

"I explored the Ugandan and Rwandan cultures only to discover my expectations shattered. I expected to make a difference; make an impact and work to solve poverty. But quite the opposite happened. Go Ed. made a difference in me and impacted me. Poverty then worked on me." - Kevin, Go ED. Africa, Spring 2007

"I would not exchange a single experience from this past semester. By being open to completely new experiences and new people I am discovering that you really never know how something or someone could change your life." - Anne, Go ED. Africa, Spring 2008


Where do I go?

Look at this comparison chart to help determine your affinity for a certain region.

Go ED. Regions Site Comparisons
Program Site
Context • Mixed urban, rural contexts
• Good English usage
• Mixed urban, rural contexts
• Low English usage
• Mixed urban, rural contexts
• Very Low English usage
• Urban contexts
• Very Low English usage
• Urban contexts
• Low English usage
Curriculum All instruction in English
Course 1Conflict & CommunityExclusion & ExploitationEcological Sustainability & CommunityUrban Migration & CommunityCaste & Community
Course 2Social Factors of Community Development
Course 3African Traditional Religion & CultureSouth East Asian Religion & HistoryAndean history & religionChinese history & religionwas blank
Course 4Post-colonial African LiteratureMekong Cultural ArtsAndean Cultural ArtsChinese Cultural ArtsIndian & Literature
Program LocationKampla, Uganda
Kigali, Rwanda
Chiang Mai, ThailandCochabamba, Bolivia
Urubamba, Peru
Chengdu, ChinaTBD
Practicum OfferingsUganda, Rwanda, & Ethiopia Thailand, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and other SE Asian countriesBolivia, Peru, & GuatemalaChinaIndia
CommunityShared housingShared housingTBDInternational student dormitoryTBD
Capacity40 places available every Fall & Spring20 places Fall 200920 places Spring 201015 places Fall 2011TBD


Who should go?

GO ED. is not a cultural excursion. Students who wish to maximize their experience are expected to "get their hands dirty" and get involved, as well as culturally engage with their host communities. The more you put into the program, the more you'll get out of it.

It will not be a smooth, easy path. You will see things that may shock, sadden and upset you. It is likely that you will return with many questions, confused about what you've seen and experienced.

However, with time, guidance, perseverance, and God's grace, shock begets calmness; confusion begets clarity and sadness begets joy. GO ED. is an experience, it is a spiritual journey, but more importantly, it is a walk of faith.

Rest assured that we'll be here to help you process what you've seen, and navigate a true course, every step of the way.

If you share our curiosity, embrace our ideals, and are willing to embark on a transformative journey, then we want to hear from you.